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I am what I choose to become.

22 Feb

Make it a Habit

Is there something that you would like to get better at? Is there something that you’ve always dreamt of doing but never really thought was possible? Write down these things. What are the initial steps to achieving these dreams? If your dream is to become a better writer, think to yourself, what makes a better writer? Hmm well…writing everyday would definitely make me a better writer. Make a habit list. Tell yourself that you are going to write for 10 minutes, every day this week. See if you can do it. Once you get past a week, try two weeks. Once you get past two weeks, try 30 days. If you can do it for 30 days straight, it’s become a habit. You’ll start to notice improvements in whatever you choose to do. Even if you have a bad day, you can think to yourself…at least I’m one step closer to my dream. You’ll become proud and gain confidence. Once you’ve developed one habit, why not develop another? Soon, you’ll be living a life with intent and meaning. All it takes is the first initial steps. So don’t wait. And always remember, you are Made Strong.

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